WhatsApp for PC Download (Windows 7/8) – WhatsApp for Web

When it comes to installing and using WhatsApp on PC platform then two popular softwares available to help you out are BlueStacks and YouWave. But they both have their own requirements which when not meet, provides poor user experience which they can’t help anyhow. So here I’m sharing a process to download WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks and YouWave.

Yes you read it right. This guide is going to allow and help you install WhatsApp on PC without needing of any third party softwares which help emulate Android OS on your computer. So say bye to all these methods which you may or may not have tried earlier and let’s welcome a very new and official way to use WhatsApp on computer.


Yes, recently an official method was released by the official developers of the WhatsApp application using which it is possible to access all your messages and any other related data of your WhatsApp account right on your computer. There is certain requirements for this to happen without any issues which I’m writing down here.

Requirements for WhatsApp for Web

This particular official feature by developers is named WhatsApp Web and to enable using that on your PC for your account, you need to take care of following requirements.

  1. This method requires Google Chrome browser to be installed and running on your computer all the time. So head over towards installing this web browser if you’re not using one right now.
  2. WhatsApp should be installed and running on your smartphone at time when you’re using it on computer simultaneously. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a data pack otherwise this method won’t work.

These two are the main requirements for now and they are not so impossible to be taken care of. Once you have both availability then you can officially use and access conversations right on your PC instead of taking your smartphone in hand again and again while working in office or home at PC or laptop.

How to Download WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks and YouWave

Basically and in reality, you need not to download anything even WhatsApp application and not at all chance to deal with installing any software. Just make sure that your PC and your case meets above two requirements and then start following below mentioned steps as it is.

  • First install WhatsApp on your smartphone. Make sure a latest version is installed. If it isn’t either update it or install a fresh version.
  • Login within your WhatsApp account on your smartphone now and move into menu options there.
  • Select WhatsApp Web option from the menu there (it’s a new option) which will start the camera of your device.

WhatsApp Web Application

  • Now start your PC, launch Google Chrome web browser and open this home page website of official WhatsApp application.
  • There you’ll see a QR code, scan that using opened camera of your smartphone.

Once scanning is done then you’ll see that your account will be logged in on your PC and you can then access all your conversations right across your PC.

So that was the whole process and you never required anything like BlueStacks, YouWave or any other installation at all. Just make sure that you meet requirements and then no need to worry about anything else.

This is how you can send any number of text messages, share pictures, videos, location, contact and other supported files by WhatsApp to any of your friends in your contact list. All your friends will be able to see you and they will receive every conversation.

So I hope this guide helped you. Don’t forget to share it with all of your friends. I hope you really enjoyed this article all about how to download WhatsApp for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8 without any issue or problem, or you can even say WhatsApp for Web. Please keep on visiting The Big Opt Out.