Advice Line

As many of you know, we not only campaign on medical confidentiality issues but also run a thriving Advice and Information Line. We are happy to help with any queries relating to medical confidentiality, and associated queries about accessing NHS care.

We are staffed purely by volunteers, and our service is totally confidential. All our volunteers have extensive NHS experience. If our volunteers are not available do leave a message or send an email. When returning calls, our number is anonymous (caller line ID is blocked), and we do not leave voicemail messages. This helps ensure we protect callers’ privacy.

Advice and information are in face the biggest proportion of our work.

PLEASE NOTE we DO NOT give medical advice; if have a medical problem you should see your GP.

For help and advice, or to contact TheBigOptOut’s NHS Confidentiality campaign, please email

If you’d prefer to phone, call The BigOptOut on 0845 805 2593 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Accredited Press Enquries ONLY: 07733 346 778.