Patient Data Sharing May Not Take Into Account Anonyismation Concerns

Filed under: Campaign News — helen at 1:25 am on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patient data sharing may, very worrying, not take into account anonymisation concerns as no anonymisation can be 100% accurate. Pseudoanonymisingdata means that your date of birth and postcode will be shared without your consent so you could easily be traced. This how the government is proposing to anonymise our data by pseudoanonymising patient medical records. The full story is here

Patient Records to Shared with Private Companies

Filed under: Campaign News — helen at 3:50 pm on Sunday, December 4, 2011

Patient records with be shared with private companies. See here and here. The issue is that the government are saying the records will be anonymous but unfortunately this is not the case. The records that will be shared with  private companies with be pseudoanonymous down to date of birth, post code and NHS number so the patients easily be traced.

If you object to this then please write to your MP and let us know the response.