DH Rolling Out SPINE

Filed under: Campaign News — helen at 3:50 pm on Monday, January 12, 2009

It appears that the DH plans to quietly roll out SPINE/Summary Care Record without even discussing it with local doctors in the areas they plan to roll it out. The DH seem hope no one will notice and so people will be included by default. More about the story can be found here

If you hear that your local Primary Care Trust are rolling out SPINE/Summary Care Record in your area can you let us know? PCT’s should be writing to patients about SPINE/Summary Care Record when they rolling it out. Again if you do not receive a letter please can you let us know.

In the meantime please support our Campaign use our Opt Out Letter and Opt Out now. You can download our Opt Out Letter here

If you have any queries or concerns about Opting Out do get in touch.

Harrow PCT Blunder

Filed under: Campaign News — helen at 3:36 pm on Saturday, January 10, 2009

Harrow PCT have made a blunder and sent letters to 7 year olds about STD Screening. More about the story here.

If anyone affected by this story needs help or information. Do get in touch our Advice Line is completely confidential.