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Every time you attend any hospital appointment or are admitted, all your identifiable clinical details are sent to BT, without your consent. Yes – BT the people who send you your phone bill! These details include your full demographic details, diagnosis, treatment, GP details, hospital, consultant details, whether you will be seen again, how long you were in hospital etc etc. Even your most sensitive details such as gynaecological surgery, sexual problems, prostate problems and cancer treatment are sent to BT. These details are put on a database that BT runs called SUS. BT then sends these clinical details out to the DH, PCTs, Strategic Health Authorities and even Dr Foster.

When the NHS Care Records go live this will include everything you tell your GP too. Even your marital problems will be sent to BT.

This is nothing new. It has been going on for years but the DH does not want patients to know it. Prior to BT taking over the database it was run by a private company in Warwick.

The DH fully acknowledge that there is no secure basis in law for the use of this highly sensitive data without patient consent, yet they are continuing to refuse to allow patients to opt out of this database. In one set of DH minutes the DH state they do not want a patient to legally challenge them over this.

See Helen’s story which tells how I was labeled as an alcoholic. My MP had to get a debate in Parliament to get this completely incorrect data removed.

We will be starting a Campaign about this shortly so please keep watching the web site.



The BIg Opt Out

Doctors get it

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According to a BMA survey, 93% of doctors don’t trust the government to safeguard patient data, 90% don’t feel able to reassure patients, and 81% don’t want their own data stored on the spine.

MPs starting to get it

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Peter Luff, the MP for mid-Worcestershire, has opted out.