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The North Tees Primary Care Trust warns that after a celebrity was admitted to hospital, over fifty people browsed their records.

Well, what did we tell them?

And what are they going to do about it? A hospital in Boston maintains bogus records for the Kennedy family for the sole purpose of detecting staff who don’t abide by their contractual obligations. You peek, you get fired. Why have these people not been fired?

Patients will NOT be informed of Security Breaches

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“Patients and their GPs will not be told if there are security alerts involving their Summary Care Records, Pulse can reveal.

Connecting for Health has admitted it does not plan to contact them if security alerts are triggered after the roll out of the controversial new electronic records system.

Instead any alerts, set off if someone not directly responsible for a patient’s care accesses their record, will be sent to PCT Caldicott Guardians, appointed to oversee confidentiality. They will decide if the alert is a genuine breach and then whether to alert the patient and GP.

However, an expert witness to the Health Select Committee’s inquiry into the roll out of electronic care records this week told Pulse the safeguard was flawed because Caldicott Guardians will be under pressure not to report alerts.

Professor Ross Anderson, professor in security engineering at the University of Cambridge, said: ‘Security breaches won’t be reported to patients because that would distress them – or because it would set the cat among the pigeons.’

Dr Gillian Braunold, GP clinical lead for Connecting for Health, said while Caldicott Guardians would not investigate every alert, they would identify the most serious.

Information on alerts would also be made available to patients on request, she added.”

Patients will not told if there someone tries to access their records inappropriately. Hence it will be a free for all. This week I had an appointment with a Solicitor in a local High Street who said this will make our Inquiry Agents job much easier as we go to great lengths to get access to patients medical records. I have to say the Solicitor was actually being helpful and supporting the Campaign in revealing this.

To prevent this happening SIGN OUR OPT LETTER TODAY and give it to your GP.